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Classic Red Pole Barn Creates the Ultimate Apple Farm Storefront


From fresh cider and warm donuts to hayrides and corn mazes, Uncle Frank’s Apple Town gives visitors plenty of opportunities for fall fun. But the experience wouldn’t be complete without a picturesque storefront to bring it all together. Turns out a classic-looking red pole barn was the perfect choice.


Check out this video on the project, then scroll down to learn more about the details.



Project Details

What the owners wanted


Barb and Frank Gotts wanted to find a reliable builder to help them get the most out of what was a significant business investment. But they struggled just to get a callback. That was until they contacted an authorized Wick Builder (more on them below), which led to what Barb calls a “fantastic” experience and a “fabulous structure.”


What was special about the project


There’s more to a building project than just figuring out the design and carrying out construction. Take site location for example. The Gotts had a number of possibilities for their new building’s placement but weren’t sure which one to choose. Fortunately, their builder helped them decide on a spot that provides what Barb calls “the best view.”


Who helped build it


Lynnman Construction has built hundreds of Wick buildings around Michigan. Barb raves about Lynnman and has plenty of praise to go around.


She says owner Keith Pinkelman “was out periodically to check and make sure the design was exactly what we wanted. And, of course, it is.”


As for the building crew, Barb explains that “basically, two men built that humongous barn. It was really incredible.” She also says, “I would want them on my team building whatever we’re going to do in addition to what we have here now.”


Why a pole barn from Wick Buildings was the right choice


The Gotts have benefitted in a number of ways by opting for a pole barn, including having a faster construction process and enjoying a more expansive interior. But not all commercial pole barns are equal. The advantages of a Wick pole barn include the following:


Superior lumber. Wick uses only lumber that meets or exceeds machine graded specifications for all structural components, from trusses and columns to girts and purlins. In addition to the visual benefits of this cleaner lumber, it’s at least 15% stronger than regular lumber.


Durable steel. All Wick pole barns include full-hard exterior steel, with 80,000 PSI hardness or better, resulting in less dents. That steel is also G-90 galvanized for better corrosion protection. Our paint is warrantied not to chip or crack for 40 years and comes in a spectrum of colors. The Gotts opted for modern red siding and a hunter green roof.


More versatility without through-the-roof costs. Post-frame buildings, aka pole barns, are composed of larger structural members like prefabricated wooden posts and clear-span trusses. Features like those gave the Gotts more options at a more affordable price. According to Barb, Wick’s “price point is fabulous.”



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