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Farmer Decides One Pole Barn Just Isn’t Enough


Farmers need storage buildings for a variety of uses. But what they don’t need are buildings they have to worry about. Check out the story of Dave, a farmer who was so satisfied with one particular farm building that he just had to have another.


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Project Details


What the owner wanted


Dave wanted a durable, worry-free farm shed, which is why he opted to have a Wick building constructed in 2007. Thirteen years went by before Dave decided he needed another building, one that would not only match the quality but also the appearance of the first.


“You can look at the first building in ‘07, and when they built this one in 2020, and the paint’s hardly even different,” says Dave.


As for Dave’s overall satisfaction with the result, he calls his newest building “great,” adding that “Wick’s been great to work with.”


What was special about the project


No one wants a building they later regret is too small, especially one meant to store farm machinery. Dave initially planned for a 48-foot-wide building, but would that really be big enough?


Dave recalls, “I sat here one day and go, ‘Oh, my goodness, I wish it was 60.’”


Fortunately, he had a reliable, responsive builder to call when he changed his mind (more on that builder below). “Boom. It was taken care of and I went wider,” says Dave.


Who helped build it


For Dave, good communication is a must for any business endeavor. That’s why he appreciates the thorough way that Jeff Schwab, founder of Schwab Builders, has handled his building projects. Jeff has been a certified Wick builder since 1985.


Here’s Dave giving a snapshot of what it’s like to work with Jeff. “When you ask him, he’ll actually sit down with you. He’s always showed me, ‘This is what we’re doing … Here’s what it is.’”


Dave also says both Schwab Builders and his Wick buildings have met his expectations for what matters most. “Cost is one thing, installation’s another, warranty’s another. And you have to weigh all that.”


Why a pole barn from Wick Buildings was the right choice


When you’re a busy farmer, having quality storage buildings is a necessity. By opting for Wick buildings, Dave has gained numerous advantages, including the following:


Superior lumber. Wick uses only lumber that meets or exceeds machine graded specifications for all structural components, from trusses and columns to girts and purlins. In addition to the visual benefits of this cleaner lumber, it’s at least 15% stronger than regular lumber.


Durable steel and lots of great aesthetic options. All Wick pole barns include full-hard exterior steel, with 80,000 PSI hardness or better, resulting in fewer dents. That steel is also G-90 galvanized for better corrosion protection. Our paint is warrantied not to chip or crack for 40 years and comes in a spectrum of colors. Highlights of Dave’s farm buildings include raised lower chord trusses, a full interior lining with insulation, and exterior Wick steel with tan walls and brown roof and wainscoting.


Exceptional quality for the long term. There’s a reason Dave liked his first Wick building so much that he opted for another more than a dozen years later: They’re built to last—thanks not only to outstanding building components but also to expert builders who make sure you get what you need at a price you can afford.

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