If you’re thinking about a new pole barn, it may help to picture it in your mind, starting with the colors. But which colors should you choose? It’s not a decision to take lightly. After all, you’ll likely be looking at those colors for decades.

In the following, we’ll share the most popular pole barn colors for recent Wick customers. But we’ll do a lot more than that. To help you on your color quest, we’ll discuss the latest color trends with Brynn Wildenauer, Architectural Color Designer at Sherwin-Williams.

We’ll also share the exciting paint color developments at Wick Buildings, developments that give customers a truly exceptional palette of high-quality color coatings to choose from.

Top 10 Color Choices from 2023

Based on customer selection date, here are the top 10 pole barn colors from 2023:

10. RED

Now that you have an idea of what has been popular, let’s next turn to where the color trends are headed.

Colors that are Hot or Not

What’s Hot and What’s Not for Exterior Colors?

Brynn is part of the Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse, a team of color experts who focus on future color trends. According to her, the color research that she and her colleagues conduct “never really stops.”

For a quick take on what’s hot and what’s not for pole barn colors, check out this video with Brynn Wildenauer from Sherwin Williams.


Every few years, the company develops a comprehensive color forecast report that distills data and insights from various sources, including paint color sales and order volumes, color sample requests, and broader research on cultural trends impacting paint color decisions.

The following information highlights what Brynn sees as an overall trend in both warmer colors and in colors that complement nature. Let’s take a closer look.

Warming Up

Warming Up: Stark Color Contrasts Are Out

High contrast colors—for example, think of pure white exterior walls with a black roof—have been quite popular in recent years. But according to the DesignHouse team, that trend is definitely evolving in a new direction.

“We’re seeing lower contrast, even monochromatic, color schemes growing in popularity,” Brynn says. “And across the board in all industries, we’re seeing neutral colors warming up.”

That means warmer grays and whites are growing in popularity as well as warmer mid-tones in greens and blues.

And this trend is even reflected in the darker shades, says Brynn, with stark black giving way to warmer charcoal shades, evidenced, for example, by the popularity of charcoal gray here at Wick Buildings. Moreover, pairing, for instance, charcoal tones with warmer gray accents also fits with the growing preference for monochromatic color schemes.

In this video, see Brynn Wildenauer from Sherwin Williams discuss considerations for lighter exterior paint colors.


Natural Rules: Color Choices Are Complementing Nature

Research from the Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse also shows a retreat from orange-toned colors and a resurgence in tans and beiges, as well as browns and bronzes.

Commercial Building

More specifically, Brynn says people are opting for colors that “mimic nature” and complement the natural space surrounding their building.

That’s an especially important point when it comes to pole barns, which are often built within agricultural environments and on rural properties.

Rural Property

But the growing trend in more natural colors doesn’t mean a big drop in chromatic color choices like red or green. On the contrary, Brynn says, “Chromatic colors will likely stay popular. In fact, they actually allow people to complement or subtly contrast with the natural environment in some really intriguing ways.”

Learn from Sherwin-Williams’ Brynn Wildenauer where paint color trends are headed in this video.


Exciting Color Palette Developments at Wick Buildings

As you ponder your pole barn color options, keep in mind that Wick Buildings offers a new 38-color palette from Sherwin-Williams. That means customers get both premium Wick steel with G-90 galvanization for better corrosion protection AND cutting-edge Sherwin-Williams WeatherXL™ coating for maximum durability.

Ultimately, it’s our pole barn customers that will benefit.

Wick customers have a unique offering of colors.

A Spectrum of Great Color Options

We want our customers to have options—a lot of them. That’s why we’re offering such a wide spectrum of color choices. The following shows examples of our base colors.

Base Colors

Keep scrolling down to see additional color options with special features.

“Crinkle” Textures

Wick Buildings also offers seven “crinkle” texture finishes. The texture feature is made possible through a special chemical process that occurs in the coating’s baking process.

Crinkle Colors

“The texture is both tactile and visual, giving a dynamic effect to the color,” explains Brynn. “These options really give customers the ability to create subtle but interesting contrast.”

In this video, color expert Brynn Williams from Sherwin-Williams talks about the new “crinkle” texture paint options from Wick Buildings.


Print Patterns

Through a process known as rotogravure printing, our new print options simulate four different wood grains and two versions of weathered metal.

Print patterns

“These new print options are just one more way that Wick customers can create a unique look for their pole barn,” says Brynn.

Basic Tips for Pole Barn Color Choices

Understanding the options and trends described above is a helpful place to begin contemplating pole barn colors. But just remember that it’s you who will be living with and looking at your pole barn for many years to come. Ultimately, you need to be happy with the colors you choose.

Pole barn

Brynn suggests answering questions like the following to help you make smart choices:

  • Are you trying to blend in?
  • Are you trying to stand out?
  • What goals do you have for your pole barn—and how can your color choices complement those goals?

Also, keep these related tips in mind:

Match to other buildings. Most people try to match, or at least coordinate, their pole barn colors with nearby buildings.

Think about the natural landscape. Even if nearby buildings aren’t a concern, you still have the surrounding natural landscape. Try to visualize how your pole barn colors will fit with it throughout the year.

Check on potential color restrictions. Depending on where you live, you may want to confirm there are no zoning laws or restrictive covenants for color choices.

Don’t forget about the power of accent colors. Sure, your roof and walls comprise around 95% of the external steel on your pole barn. Just remember that features like your trim, doors, soffits, and wainscotting can be contrasted or coordinated with your primary color choice to create a combo you’ll love.

Get a better understanding of the power of your pole barn’s colors with the help of Brynn Wildenauer, Architectural Color Designer at Sherwin-Williams.

Realize not all paints are equal. Wick Buildings uses Sherwin-Williams’ WeatherXL™ silicone-modified polyester coating. Designed for maximum durability, this cutting-edge formula maintains extreme resistance to abrasion, chipping, and marring and has tremendous color and gloss retention. It also has a 40-year warranty against peeling, cracking, flaking, and blistering, and a 30-year warranty against chalking.

Midnight Ocean, Pearl

Take the Next Step: Start Experimenting with Colors

Now that you’ve read about and taken a look at a variety of color options, the perfect next move is to begin experimenting.

To help you do that, make sure you check out Wick’s free Design 3D™ tool. You’ll be able to see your color choices come to life right before your eyes in exciting 3D renderings!

And don’t forget that you can also contact your local Wick Builder.

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