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Well Drilling Company’s New Storefront Matches Legacy of Great Local Service


Family-owned Ramsby Drilling has served the residents and businesses of Northern Michigan for well over 100 years. Fourth-generation well-driller Bill Ramsby knew it was time for a better company building. But what type of structure could achieve all that he wanted? A commercial pole barn with an attractive storefront proved to be the answer.


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Project Details


What the owners wanted


Bill Ramsby had a good idea of what he was looking for to replace his company’s small, outdated building. “I wanted something strong. I wanted sturdy. I wanted it to last to the next generation. And I wanted it to look good at a budget that I could afford.”


More specifically, he says he wanted a commercial building that could provide the following:


“At first,” recalls Ramsby, “I was thinking of a big steel building and soon realized I couldn’t afford much in the way of a steel building.”


Ultimately, he chose a Wick post-frame building based largely on seeing other Wick buildings in the area. “That’s what sold me,” he says.


What was special about the project


Sometimes the best-laid building plans need tweaking—even after construction has begun.


Once Ramsby began seeing the building take shape, he realized what had initially seemed like a good idea on paper wasn’t quite right for his needs.


“We made changes right in the middle of construction,” he says. But he adds that the process remained smooth thanks largely to the “phenomenal” work of the builder.


Who helped build it


Nick Welch, owner and president of Welch Buildings, has been constructing award-winning Wick buildings for more than 20 years.


That expertise likely played a big part in Ramsby’s positive experience with Welch, not only with the new building itself but also with the project’s final cost.


“This was an out-of-pocket expense for me. There’s no loan, so budget was really important,” says Ramsby. But he happily adds, “Everything turned out perfect—I couldn’t believe—to the penny of what we’d planned, even with extras!”


Why a pole barn from Wick Buildings was the right choice


Ramsby Drilling has gained numerous advantages by opting for a commercial pole barn, including a faster construction process and more expansive, unobstructed interiors. But not all commercial pole barns are equal. The benefits of a Wick pole barn include the following:


Superior lumber. Wick uses only lumber that meets or exceeds machine graded specifications for all structural components, from trusses and columns to girts and purlins. In addition to the visual benefits of this cleaner lumber, it’s at least 15% stronger than regular lumber.


Durable steel and lots of great aesthetic options. All Wick pole barns include full-hard exterior steel, with 80,000 PSI hardness or better, resulting in fewer dents. That steel is also G-90 galvanized for better corrosion protection. Our paint is warrantied not to chip or crack for 40 years and comes in a spectrum of colors. Highlights of the new Ramsby Drilling building include Versetta Stone wainscoting, smoke-gray walls, a red roof, and a 4-foot canopy for the storefront.


Exceptional quality without through-the-roof costs. Ramsby found that a Wick building was more affordable compared to other options. At the same time, he was able to get everything he wanted: not only a high-quality, low-maintenance office and garage space but also a striking storefront that can, as he puts it, “showcase” the quality service that Ramsby Drilling has provided since the 19th century.


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