Color Me Impressed

You’ll often hear interior designers talk about warm colors and cool colors. Earth tones and pastels. Primary and neutral colors. Whatever you choose, the color palate at Wick Buildings will make you feel right at home.

Our customers often say “I wasn’t sure those colors would go together, but they do!”

There’s a reason for that. History has proven that our buildings will last 40 years or longer, so we don’t bring out colors based on the latest fads in designer clothes or micro cars. Wick’s color choices are based on a tonal palate that goes well together in almost any combination.

Cool colors mean less heat gain

Wick Buildings paint system colors are reflective and can help keep your building from gaining unwanted heat. They’re called “cool colors” by our paint partner Sherwin-Williams, and the hardness of their paint system is the ideal match for our steel. Tough and reflective paint on full-hard steel – a great combination.

Cool colors are great in the summer since a reflective roof keeps your roof system up to 100°F cooler than a non-reflective paint. That will help keep you, and your belongings, from cooking due to excessive heat gain. And cool colors are also great in winter since a cool roof is less prone to melting snow and ice damming.

Color Options

Try Our Color Planner!

In order to see how the colors will look on your building, try our Wick Buildings colorizing tool. With the colorizing tool you can see how the different steel colors and brick/block combine to make a building uniquely yours. When you find a color combination you like, you can create an account and save it.

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