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The Waters Edge Winery & Bistro in Jacksonville, Illinois, offers visitors a gorgeous destination to enjoy exceptional wine and hold special events. The main building provides a warm, friendly setting for guests, while it also accommodates the infrastructure needed for actual wine production. The site also includes a smaller building, the Wine Barn, for wedding receptions and similar events.


What the owner wanted:


The owner, Jacksonville local Mike Hayes, had a vision for a building that could be attractive and comfortable to patrons as well as fulfill the needs for day-to-day wine production. What he definitely didn’t want was the space to feel like a warehouse.


What was special about the project:


Although this started out as a one building project, the winery’s initial success led the owner to conclude he needed more space, in particular for wedding receptions and other special events.


The remedy came in the form of a slightly smaller reception hall building aptly named the “Wine Barn,” complete with a full kitchen and restrooms.


Other noteworthy features of the main building include the following:



Who helped build it:


Kevin Miller of Custom Structures, Inc., is a Wick Builder with more than 25 years of experience. He was able to turn the owner’s needs into two great-functioning buildings that can serve many uses.


“It may look like there are a lot of bells and whistles on these buildings. But, honestly, we added lots of simple features that go a long way toward making them look great. The whole project went really smoothly. ” -Kevin Miller, Custom Structures, Inc.


Why Wick Buildings was the right choice:


By opting for a pre-engineered Wick building, the owner had the convenience of stamped structural plans. That meant an efficient building process to meet city codes.


“Choosing a pre-engineered Wick building saved the customer a lot of money because he didn’t need to hire an architect or structural engineer. Plus, there’s the advantage of the superior materials that make up a Wick building.” -Kevin Miller, Custom Structures, Inc.


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