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Good Client-Builder Communication Leads to Gorgeous Home Gym Pole Barn


Mike and Tina G. had a great spot in North-Central Michigan for a new pole barn. But at the outset of the project, they never could have imagined what the building would ultimately become. Thanks to fruitful back and forth with an attentive, experienced builder (Lynnman Construction), they’re now enjoying a dream home gym.


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Home Gym Project Details


What the owners wanted


Mike and Tina G. had an idea for “a nice pole barn.” But when it came to pinning down the details for creating the ultimate home gym, they say Lynnman Construction’s Keith Pinkelman asked all the right questions. That was the key to “uncovering what it is … we really wanted,” says Mike.


What was special about the project


The building brings together a unique combination of features—including the interior’s home gym and mini man cave area, the sliding glass overhead door, and the gorgeous porch and pergola on the outside. Referring to Lynnman Construction, Tina says there were a few things “they’ve probably never done before.” But, according to her, that actually made it a “fun” process for everyone.


Who helped build it


Hoping for smart guidance on their pole barn project, Mike and Tina opted for the experienced team at Lynnman Construction, an authorized Wick Builder. Mike says he was thoroughly impressed with the builder’s project management. “Everything that we would need to make this a success, that entire process was run by Lynnman, and it worked out really well.”


Why a pole barn from Wick Buildings was the right choice


Mike and Tina benefitted in a number of ways from choosing a pole barn structure, including having a faster, more cost-effective construction process compared to other options. But not all pole barn materials are equal. There are plenty of good reasons why Mike says “Wick” is “the best four-letter word I can think of.” Here are just a few:


Superior lumber. Wick uses only machine graded or machine evaluated lumber for all structural components, such as truss members, columns, girts, and purlins. This lumber is at least 15% stronger than regular lumber. That means Mike and Tina will have less building maintenance down the road.


Exceptional building features. Mike and Tina understandably wanted an attractive pole barn. But, aesthetically speaking, Mike says having “different flavors and options” really enabled them to achieve the stunning building they now have. Examples include using Versetta Stone® wainscoting, lumber laminated columns, and Weather Shield® windows and doors.


Durable steel and paint. Wick commercial pole barns include full-hard exterior steel, with 80,000 PSI hardness or better, resulting in less dents. That steel is also G-90 galvanized for better corrosion protection. The paint is warrantied not to chip or crack for 40 years and comes in a spectrum of colors such as our recently added Copper, Modern Red, and Gray Wood. Mike and Tina opted for red walls, beige trim, and smoke-gray roof panels.


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