Need more space to store old boxes, or to build a playroom for the kids? Rather than building a bigger building, consider expanding upwards instead. Here are two ways to generate more space in your pole barn.

Increasing your attic space is a great way to increase square footage in your pole barn or garage, especially if you lack the space/property to expand your floor plan. And, in some cases, building upwards can be more cost-effective than building outwards.

There are two types of truss systems designed to increase your attic space: Bonus Storage and Attic Storage.

The one that’s best for you heavily depends on your needs, as each one has a different purpose. While Attic Storage is great if you are looking for a finished, livable room, Bonus Storage is better for those itching for more storage space.

1. Bonus Storage

Bonus Storage is ideal for storing seasonal items

Although not meant for furnished or liveable space, Bonus Storage is ideal for storing seasonal items such as lawn furniture, life jackets, skis or other items you only use part of the year.

Notice the angular bracing webs connecting the top chord and bottom chord of the truss?  By beefing up the webs and the chords, you get a stronger truss designed to support flooring between the trusses.

That’s what makes Bonus Storage inexpensive and perfect for its purpose.

Using Bonus Storage is not only more economical — it is about 80 percent less expensive than expanding your floor plan — you can also increase your space’s square footage by up to 50 percent.

Your builder can provide Bonus Storage, an innovation from Wick Buildings, on trusses that are 24’ to 36’ wide on bay spaces up to 10’ wide.

The roof pitches can range from 4/12 to 8/12, all of which provides greater flexibility and costs less than attic trusses. Floors are designed to support 40 pounds per square foot, just like a residential home.

2. Attic Storage

Attic Storage is enclosed.

Attic Storage, on the other hand, is a rectangular, enclosed area built inside of the attic space (see photo above).  Since it doesn’t have truss webs connecting the top and bottom chords, it is ideal for a finished room.

Man caves, guest rooms and children’s play areas are common “Attic Storage” rooms.

Although Attic Storage isn’t much less expensive than expanding your floor plan due to finishing costs, it is a great option for those who lack space to build outwards or want to keep their building’s overall floor plan smaller.

Attic Storage trusses are designed to support a fully insulated living space with furniture and walls, and often includes electrical. Plumbing can be incorporated into the room provided the building below is insulated and heated.

It has the same loading capacity, at 40 pounds per square foot, as a standard home flooring system.

Your builder can install dormers (see photo below) on your roof between the trusses to use as window space and further increase your room’s square footage.
Dormers can create more space in Attic Storage

Talk to your builder to see if Bonus or Attic Storage is right for you. Depending on which you choose, it could save you time, money, space and frustration.

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