At Wick Buildings, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our customers, partners, and staff—and their families. As we take specific measures to address the COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to understand what we’re doing, at least for now, to continue project work. We are also going to use this post to list work stoppages and provide other updates.

Potential Work Stoppages

Wick Buildings has roughly a hundred businesses that depend on us as a direct supplier of buildings and labor, in addition to our end customers and our own staff. We’re committed to keeping projects moving forward until that’s simply no longer feasible.

We are monitoring the situation as closely as possible to inform our decisions. As the news demonstrates, circumstances are evolving day-by-day and even hour-by-hour. 

The escalating measures being taken by local, state and federal authorities may cause a supply chain ripple effect that will force us to temporarily shut down operations.

Shelter-in-Place Orders

The Governors of several states have issued “Shelter-in-Place” orders (some are using other terms) for all non-essential workers for varying periods of time.  An increasing number of states are starting to open up those orders for non-essential workers as well. 

At this point, the construction of Wick Buildings does meet the criteria of essential work as currently defined. Therefore, we are continuing all activity.

Note: We also have the ability to deliver materials to job sites in all states that we operate. So, if any of our material-only builders would still like to receive a delivery, they may. Any decision made by a builder in an affected state to take delivery of a project is at their sole discretion. 

Keeping You Informed

If there are further developments with respect to “Shelter-in-Place” and similar orders, we will keep you informed. We realize this may cause disruption in the future, but these decisions are beyond our control. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Moving Forward: Our Response Plan

We are committed to keeping our existing projects moving forward safely. To that end, Wick Buildings has implemented a COVID-19 response plan in place, which will be reviewed and modified as needed. Please see below for more information.

Our Priority: Health and Safety 

Our response plan incorporates CDC best practices and other preventive measures, while it also enables us to continue meeting our businesses commitments. 

Health and sanitation practices

  • All employees are being reminded of the importance of frequent handwashing and other preventive practices such as social distancing.
  • All employees not directly involved on construction projects or manufacturing will be working from home as much as possible. Wick continues to implement technology to increase the numbers and amount of time people will work from home.
  • All employees will report their health and wellness status at the beginning of each work day in the office and plant.
  • Whenever possible, communications will be handled via email, mobile devices, and video conferencing.

Construction crew practices

  • Our crews are small (3 to 4 workers), work in open-air, relatively isolated conditions, and will continue to work in the field.
  • Crews are implementing best safety practices such as wearing gloves, not sharing tools and equipment, sanitizing tools and equipment, and making sure they have food and water on site.
  • Crews assigned to new project sites requiring overnight stays in hotels are being reassigned to sites that do not require overnight stays.

Wick Buildings advantages to help operations

  • In many ways, we are a technology company that just happens to construct buildings. Our exceptional in-house IT capabilities enable us to be much more nimble in the marketplace—and adaptable to a situation like this one.
  • Much of our operation works from consignment inventory, which puts us in a good position when it comes to maintaining ample steel and lumber supplies. We also maintain a robust inventory of other supporting project items.

This Won’t Last Forever: What You Can Do Now

We of course can’t predict the future. But we should all remember that these unprecedented times won’t last forever. If you are essentially stuck at home and have a moment to ponder the future, you may want to think about your post-COVID-19 world. 

Wick Buildings offers online tools that you can use to start planning your dream building now. One thing we can predict is that Wick Buildings will be here for you when you’re ready. 

From all of us at Wick Buildings, please be smart, stay safe, and keep healthy.  

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