Windows and doors have a profound effect on the short- and long-term viability of your post-frame building. That’s exactly why Wick Buildings is constantly looking for innovative ways to make our buildings stand the test of time – and Mother Nature.

It’s also why we’ve partnered with A.J. Manufacturing to add Harmony Windows and Sliding Patio Doors to our product line. Learn more about these innovative products below.


Manufactured for post-frame construction, these windows and doors from A.J. Manufacturing are extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free.

But more than that, they utilize the latest in energy-efficient design and components to keep your new building cozy year-round.

Let’s take a closer look.


Note the numbered features below.


Here are just some of the quality features you’ll find in all Harmony Windows:

  1. Maintenance-free vinyl – no painting or staining ever needed.
  2. Triple weatherseal on sash – keeps drafts out, and heat and air conditioning in.
  3. Fusion welded frame and sash – ensures strength and durability, and that the seams will not separate.
  4. Extra thick (70 mil) multi-chambered frames and sash – creates air spaces for better insulation, and increases strength and durability.
  5. Low-E coating on glass – coating keeps damaging UV light outside and reflects infrared light, without compromising visible light transmission.
  6. Heavy duty glass – double strength glass ensures maximum durability and protection.


Performance summary table



A.J. Manufacturing’s Sliding Patio Doors share many of the same energy-saving and long-life features as Harmony Windows, such as:

  • Multi-chamber profiles for thermal efficiency and strength
  • Heavy duty weather stripping to keep indoor air inside and outdoor air outside
  • Dual pane insulated glass with Low-E coatings and argon filling to keep heat where it belongs

A.J. Manufacturing’s Sliding Patio Doors

In addition, these premium doors are the perfect solution for your building’s entry and exit needs with:

Security – fixed and mobile panel rails meet and interlock perfectly, making removal from outside almost impossible.

Accessibility – the lower sill design provides safer entry and exit.

Smooth and quiet operation – patented dual-tandem nylon wheels on a raised rail, which protects the wheels from dirt and debris.

Aesthetic options – color matched to Harmony Windows, and available in two width options.


Lighting, ventilation, insulation, security, aesthetics – your windows and doors affect so many aspects of your post-frame building! The last thing you want to do is skimp on them.

If you have questions about windows and doors for your upcoming post-frame building project, be sure to contact Wick Buildings for more information.

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