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Lawn Care Company Finds Grass Really IS Greener with a Commercial Pole Barn


Clark’s Cutting Edge in Remington, Indiana, provides area residents and businesses with full-service landscape, lawn care, and snow removal services. The family-owned business was doing so well that they needed a bigger building. But just what kind of building would work best? It turns out that a commercial pole barn was the answer.


Check out this video on the project, then scroll down to learn more about the details.


Project Details


What the owner wanted


According to owner Ron Clark, the size of the former facility was hurting the business’s ability “to show people the material and the wares that we have.”


What Clark’s Cutting Edge required was a multi-purpose building, one that could serve as both a spacious retail space and a durable storage area for the supplies, equipment, and vehicles needed for a booming landscaping business.


What was special about the project


Clark had a good idea of what he wanted, but, as he explains, “to convey that to others was a little bit tough.” He definitely needed a builder who not only could listen well but could also translate his vision into a cost-effective building design.


Who helped build it


Hoping for a straightforward construction process, Clark wanted to minimize the parties involved. He opted for aptly named 1Source Construction Management, an authorized Wick Builder who uses an open-book project management method to ensure costs are fully transparent.


Referring to Glenn Donahue, 1Source Construction Management CEO, Clarks says, “We felt real comfortable when Glenn came in. We just felt that there was a real connection between us when we got started, and that’s what it takes.”


Why a commercial pole barn from Wick Buildings was the right choice


Clark’s Cutting Edge benefitted in a number of ways by opting for a pole barn structure, including having a faster, more cost-effective construction process compared to other options. But not all commercial pole barns are equal. The advantages of using a Wick building, specifically, include the following:

Superior lumber.
Wick uses only machine graded or machine evaluated lumber for all structural components, such as truss members, columns, girts, and purlins. In addition to the visual benefits of cleaner lumber with less bark and knots, it’s at least 15% stronger than regular lumber. That means Clark’s Cutting Edge will have less building maintenance down the road.

Exceptional building features.
Retail establishments in particular need to be attractive from the outside to maximize customer draw. Wick Buildings makes a concerted effort to offer a range of aesthetic options. Clark’s Cutting Edge has features like gorgeous Aspen Gray Novabrik® wainscoting and large building overhangs that look great, add shade, and even create extra room for display space.

Durable steel and paint.
Wick commercial pole barns include full-hard exterior steel, with 80,000 PSI hardness or better, resulting in less dents. That steel is also G-90 galvanized for better corrosion protection. Our paint is warrantied not to chip or crack for 40 years and comes in a spectrum of colors such as our recently added Copper, Modern Red, Gray Wood, and Matte Textured Black. Clark’s Cutting Edge opted for Smoke Gray walls and a Charcoal Gray roof.


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