The key to any building project is to have access to options.  Materials options, planning options, design options.

You get all that with Wick Buildings. And now you can add financing options to the list.

Wick Buildings has announced a new partnership with Acorn Finance, a company that takes a cutting-edge approach to getting the loan you need for your project. 

Acorn Finance

Acorn Finance is a marketplace that provides lending options from multiple lenders in one online app.  “We bring several lenders together to compete for your loan,” said Giri Addanki, CEO. The core features of the service are that it is:

  • Free to use
  • Gives you pre-qualified offers in seconds
  • Checking for offers doesn’t impact your credit score
  • Lenders offer competitive rates
  • Lets you access your funds in as little as 2 days

Why Fast Access to Lending Options Improves the Building Process

So why are we introducing Acorn Finance to our customers?  And why haven’t we done this before?

It’s simple. In the past, lending wasn’t part of the process.

We shared ideas and plans with a customer.  Then that customer went to a bank(s), gathered a bunch of quotes on their own, and in the end, got confused and ticked off by the process. 

Acorn Finance solves that problem by using technology to create a better customer experience: an online financing process designed to deliver fast and affordable payment options.

Acorn Finance uses an online process.

They did it by putting the whole process – the application, the shopping and the approval – in an easy to use, paperless, online experience. 

So now, while we’re talking to you about plans and ideas, we can also help you explore what your lending options are with Acorn’s quick and simple process. 

The Process Works in Three Easy Steps

1. You decide on a plan with your builder. You work with your builder on some initial ideas and determine the potential scope of the project. 

2. You can access the Acorn Finance application easily from an email or text from your builder, or your builder’s website. No more calls to the banker or drives to the bank. It’s all in the palm of your hand.

3. You fill in a short initial form (2 minutes) and receive pre-qualified offers back (10 seconds). You include a bit of information about yourself, and then hit apply. Within seconds, you’ll have rate quotes from several different lenders. 

From that point, you choose the lender and the offer you prefer, and submit the application. After the decision is made, the funds for your project are typically within your account within 2 days. 

Why is This Such an Improvement in Building Financing?

Acorn delivers multiple lending options.

Acorn Finance is a marketplace where lenders compete for your business. Since Acorn is not a lender themselves, they can deliver multiple lenders to you through one simple experience. With Acorn Finance you get:

Pre-qualified quotes with no credit impact
Lenders on the platform use a “soft credit pull” when they look at your application, so you can receive multiple offers without impacting your credit score.

Competitive rates from multiple lenders
Top, respected lenders will compete for your loan.  

Fast access to cash
Technology allows Acorn Finance to deliver quotes in seconds and lender approval in minutes.  After approval, the funds for the project can be deposited in your bank account in as quickly as 2 business days.  And the sooner you have the funds, the sooner you can start that dream building project.

How to Get Started 

The more access you have to different lending options, the better your financing will be in the end. 

So what are you waiting for?  Check out your lending options on the Wick Buildings Financing page — just look for the Acorn Finance link!

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