Construction of a church is required whenever a congregation increases or starts anew.  If you’re in the planning stages, consider these three types of church floor plans and designs, and be aware of the important details you need to ask about throughout the process.

There are multiple variables that factor into the construction of a new church.  No longer are churches just about an area to worship. They’re multi-use facilities that can include:

  • Cooking or warming kitchen
  • Activity space
  • Daycare facilities
  • Conference rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Administrative offices

It’s common for a congregation’s eyes to grow wide with all the possibilities, but the approach needs to be pragmatic, as costs can escalate quickly without smart planning.

Before we share some floor plans and designs, take a look at multiple factors to consider during the planning process:

Think About Your Needs

Start with a wish list.  Think about all the needs you have in the facility, and consider how space would address them.

  • Do you need more space for worship, or would you like a fellowship hall, too?  
  • Would you like to expand your facility to include classrooms and daycare facilities?
  • Do you want to include risers, music areas, sound boards and wiring runs in the worship area?

Beyond your immediate space needs, there are some big picture considerations in terms of building, such as:

Sustainable building: Is your church going to be a green building?

Building techniques: Are you comparing different construction approaches?

Choosing a builder: Are you looking for someone who can meet your building needs?

Keep in Mind Building Codes

Building codes are important, as certain limits trigger requirements. Here are some examples:

  • Sprinkler systems: A building needs to be sprinkled based on the number of occupants and square footage.
  • Kitchens: The type of kitchen you’re using is important.  A warming kitchen is different from a commercial kitchen.

Check out our post on building codes for more details.

Consult With a Design and Engineering Team

When you’re moving from a simple worship facility to multi-use, there are multiple factors to consider.  These require building engineering and design expertise. You’ll obviously need to work with a construction team, but in the planning stage, you’ll need a team that is experienced with the entire process.

Ok, let’s jump into the floor plans and designs!

Small Church Floor Plan

Church: Short Creek Baptist Church (under construction)
Capacity: Under 100
Description: Small countryside worship facility. This is strictly a worship space, with some additional office space included.

Interior Space

Small Church Interior

Exterior View

Small Church Exterior


Mid-sized Church Floor Plan

Church: Abiding Love Baptist Church, Kearney, MO
Capacity: Just under 300
Description:  Multi-use facility.  Includes kitchen, room for daycare, extended fellowship hall.  Includes 2nd floor storage area.

Interior Space

Mid-Size Church Interior

Exterior View

Mid-sized Church Exterior View

Actual View

Mid-sized Church Actual View

Big Church Floor Plan

Church: South Creek Church of God, Kokomo, IN
Capacity: Over 500
Description:  Multi-use facility, includes a gymnasium and church classrooms. This large open center space, designed to be all-purpose, is surrounded by classrooms. The open areas don’t have fixed seating, which allow the flexibility to be used as a gymnasium or a performance area.

You’re limited when you anchor things to the ground — but when you have movable walls and seating, you can use the facility for multiple purposes.

Interior Space

Large Church Interior

Exterior View

Large Church Exterior

Actual View

Big Church Actual View

Download Church Floor Plan PDFs

The images we’ve shared with you here are just the start of the building process. Quite often we work with churches that want these basic designs and the shell only.  They then enlist the help of the congregation to help with interior walls, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

Other buildings, such as the large First Church of God, require expert contractors to complete the task.

Use these floor plans as inspiration.  You can download them here.

Small church floor plan PDF

Mid-sized church floor plan PDF

Large church floor plan PDF

And if you’d like, you can also reach out to a Wick Builder to learn about how this design and construction process can work for your congregation.

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