The Wick Security RoomTM: Add a Safe Room for More Protection and Peace of Mind

What can you do to keep your family protected? Wick Buildings has partnered with storm shelter experts RemainSafe to give you the Wick Security RoomTM. Installed within your Wick post-frame building, this is an above-ground, self-contained, 100% steel safe room and storm shelter.


Keep Your Family Safer and Valuables More Secure

Dangerous weather, home invasion, and a range of other threats can put you and your family—and your valued possessions—at risk. The Wick Security Room provides a safe haven, a secure storage space, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re better protected.

The Wick Security Room is backed by RemainSafe’s exceptional safety shelter features:

  • FEMA compliant for storm shelters
  • Professional Engineer (PE) stamped
  • Texas Tech University National Wind Institute tested
  • EF-5 tornado rated (withstands 250+ MPH wind and debris)
  • Ballistic proof (ranging from small arms fire to armor-piercing bullets)
  • Rust and corrosion protected with a marine grade epoxy
  • 20-year limited warranty



The Wick Security RoomTM is bolted to the concrete floor of your Wick post-frame building.


Choose a High-Quality Safe Room That’s Right for You

Choose from two standard sizes:

  • 4′ width x 6′ length x 6′ height
  • 6′ width x 8′ length x 6′ height

You can also opt for a custom size shelter with a height of 7’6”, perfect for outfitting as a closet space, additional storage, and a gun or valuables safe.


4′ width x 6′ length x 6′ height accommodates up to eight people


6′ width x 8’ length x 6′ height accommodates up to sixteen people


Outfit your custom size Wick Security Room as a closet (7’6″ height) or for additional storage


A Safe Room That Keeps You Both Secure and Comfortable

Your Wick Security Room provides features that also keep you comfortable should you ever have to spend an extended period of time in it:

  • Battery-powered air induction system circulates fresh air from outside.
  • Pre-drilled holes make for easier electrical access.
  • Fluorescent light keeps your space well lit.


How Many People Will Fit in Your Safe Room?

According to FEMA guidelines, you should think three people per square foot. So, a standard 4′ width x 6′ length x 6′ height shelter will accommodate up to eight people and a 6′ width x 8′ length x 6′ will accommodate up to sixteen people.


How Does Safe Room Installation Work?

The Wick Security Room comes fully assembled to the project site and is bolted down into a minimum of three-inch-thick concrete, which keeps it secure under punishing conditions—like an E-5 tornado.


How Does the Safe Room Lock?

The Wick Security Room door uses three one-inch bolts that keep the door securely locked and enable it to withstand strong winds and impact from flying debris. Access is fast and easy while also being secure. Exiting from inside is also easy with a special interior locking system. Also, the 36” handicap-accessible door opens inward, which prevents debris from blocking exit.


Ready to take the next step for your Wick Security RoomTM?

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