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At Wick Buildings, we prepare our builders for success – not just in year one, but for a lifetime relationship. Outstanding post-frame building quality and versatility, along with industry-leading support and tools in sales, marketing and construction help give customers what they need to succeed.

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Feature #8: Take the Free Building Quote Challenge

Let’s run one of your recent projects through Build-IT! 3D™.
Here’s how it works:

  • Select a building that you want to price
  • Schedule a video call with a Wick representative
  • Watch, in real-time, how quickly and easily Build-IT! 3D creates an accurate package price

See why so many builders rave about Build-IT! 3D. Take the Challenge and get a fast, accurate building quote today!

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Find out how we support you in all aspects of your business

Builders & Buildings
Ag Building Contractors Sound Off

What’s Your Reputation Built On?

Quality. Integrity. Customer Service. If you’re successful, you consistently deliver beyond your customers’ expectations, even in an ag building. Maybe especially in an ag building, since the well-being of valuable livestock or expensive equipment is at stake. Unmatched quality, incredible versatility and options, great support tools and world-class customer service are yours as a Wick builder. Let’s hear from some who already build with Wick and see some of the work they’ve done.

Builders & Buildings
Why We Build Our Futures with Wick

One of the consistently cool things about Wick builders is their pride in what they build. In these short interviews, builders talk about why they became a Wick builder. They discuss:

  • Wick quality, durability and aesthetic appeal of the buildings
  • Ease of designing the perfect building for a customer
  • Industry-leading builder support in sales, marketing and construction
  • Examples of beautiful, modern post-frame buildings
  • And much more!

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Special Feature
Builders' Survey Results

The Survey Results Are In

We reached out to builders to hear what they think of the year so far and how they see the rest of the year going. To those who participated — thank you! There was a fair amount of consensus on several of the questions along with a surprise or two when comparing the results. Where do you fit in? Do you agree with the majority of respondents or are you an outlier? Click below to view the full results.

Get Your Own Business Development Manager℠

Investing in You

Why do we provide our builders with a dedicated Business Development Manager (BDM) right from the start? Short answer: Because fully supported builders succeed, which in turn helps us succeed. A BDM helps with all aspects of building with Wick:

  • On-site guidance
  • Pricing & design software training
  • Product & technical training
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Construction
  • Meeting with you & customers

It’s not the easy way, but it’s easier on our builders. It’s the Wick way — and it works.

Get Building with Wick℠

From the get-go, Wick Buildings gives our builders industry-leading support, success tools and post-frame versatility. Bottom line: when you grow, we grow. Yeah. It’s a win-win. But you can just call it Wick.

Our Get Building with Wick™ onboarding program includes:

  • Special new builder commissions for one year
  • Marketing tools and support to generate leads
  • Build-It 3D! Training to design and price buildings
  • Hands-on assistance closing sales
  • And much more!

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Build-It 3D™
Design & Pricing Tool

Save time and hassle! Get instant package pricing for your entire building, in real time.

This software:

  • Builds an accurate, instant package price for your building
  • Makes real-time price changes as the design changes
  • Protects you with built-in engineering and code requirements
  • Saves time and eliminates costly errors or miscalculations
  • Automatically converts your data into contracts or estimates

Check it out!

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This incredible tool is easy to use and takes the guesswork out of building design and pricing.

This software helps you:

  • Create real-time estimates for bidding and customer approval
  • Revise and update building designs quickly and easily
  • Reduce or eliminate costly errors that frustrate customers
  • And much more!

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