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a wick builder?

At Wick Buildings, we prepare our builders for success – not just in year one, but for a lifetime relationship. Outstanding post-frame building quality and versatility, along with industry-leading support and tools in sales, marketing and construction. Check back every month for more about partnering with Wick.

Build Your Future with Wick

Commercial Builders & Buildings

Hear from commercial builders about why they build their futures with Wick. This short video includes interviews with builders, plus real-world examples of durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing Wick commercial buildings.

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Builders & Buildings
Why We Build Our Futures with Wick - Coming Soon!

One of the consistently cool things about Wick builders is their pride in what they build. In these short interviews, builders talk about why they became a Wick builder. They discuss:

  • Wick quality, durability and aesthetic appeal of the buildings
  • Ease of designing the perfect building for a customer
  • Industry-leading builder support in sales, marketing and construction
  • Examples of beautiful, modern post-frame buildings
  • And much more!

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Get Building with Wick℠- Coming Soon!

From the get-go, Wick Buildings gives our builders industry-leading support, success tools and post-frame versatility. Bottom line: When you grow, we grow. Yeah. It’s a win-win. But you can just call it Wick.

Our Get Building with Wick™ onboarding program includes:

  • Special new builder commissions for one year
  • Marketing tools and support to generate leads
  • Build-It 3D! Training to design and price buildings
  • Hands-on assistance closing sales
  • And much more!

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Build-It 3D™
Design & Pricing Tool - Coming Soon!

This incredible tool is easy to use and takes the guesswork out of building design and pricing.

This software helps you:

  • Create real-time estimates for bidding and customer approval
  • Apply state- and region-specific codes and requirements
  • Revise and update building designs in real time
  • Reduce or eliminate costly errors that frustrate customers
  • And much more!

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